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For those folks who use their personal vehicles for their business (or their employer’s business): a mileage log. And, you can use it to document more than just business use of your vehicles.

Tax tips from Christopher Rees.

Christopher Rees — KNOW YOUR TAX MAN!! Check his credentials first.

Ever go to pay off a car loan? After endless payments, did you find to your dismay that you still owed virtually the whole original amount of the loan? The key to understanding what happened is just part of what this financial calculator gives you!   The only FINANCIAL CALCULATOR you will ever use (or need!).

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If you enjoy a good who-done-it, the history of this essay in theology and the circumstances surrounding its publication might just be the thing you are looking for. The Enneagram and Catholic Personalism.

San Diego based lay organization Catholic Answers has done it again. Just in time for the 2008 political campaign season, it has again produced its excellent Catholic Action Voters’ GuideCommon Sense Help for Voters.

9/11 Remembered.