Functional Areas

The term “functional areas” means those job descriptions I have fulfilled in the past. I feel fully competent to “fill these shoes” now and in the future. Check them out below!

I’ve been helping organizations like yours meet goals through innovative teamwork for over 33 years. I help find real solutions that work with the people and resources available.

I’m interested in helping organizations gain new perspectives on their industries, set inspired goals, and develop better processes. I’m energized by environments where fast pace, complexity and conflicting priorities are the norm. Innovation and creativity thrive when organizations explore multiple paths and apply the skills and knowledge of the whole team.

I like to work with organizations to invent new ways to overcome obstacles, eliminate confusion and focus on communicating effectively - resulting in new strategies, positive change, and growth. I help organizations identify common ground, isolate issues, see more paths to success, and focus on workable solutions.

By facilitating effective communications, a fearless exchange of ideas, and ready access to information, I lead teams in ways that inspire participation, increase productivity, and promote positive change. I help groups identify outmoded thinking, see resources in new places, and strengthen the ability to produce excellent results.

I've worked with organizations ranging from research teams developing state of the art technology, to non-profit organizations that needed to rethink their image and mission. I've worked as a business development manager, a team leader, a director of operations, and CEO/managing partner for small technology-oriented companies. I have extensive management experience, combined with a strong technology background and broad, yet comprehensive, expertise in an astounding variety of commercial, government and non-profit fields.


Business Operations

Church, Community and Social Services

Communications and Media

Computer Science and Management

Educator (Post-Secondary)

Financial Operations

Information Systems



Mathematics and Statistics

Physical Sciences


Regulatory Compliance

Senior Management

Social Sciences
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